High-End Security Solutions Made Affordable For SMEs

As a growing number of Indian SMEs are relying on the Internet for business transactions, they are increasingly facing productivity losses due to multiple security threats.

A Gartner study has recently revealed that although the awareness level on the importance of IT security has significantly gone up within this segment, it is the high price of these solutions that are deterring them from investing in the same.

Experts feel that although a number of SMEs have already deployed basic security solutions such as anti-virus and firewall, the problem lies with high-end solutions that are still beyond the reach of these enterprises.

“As the nature of attacks have become very complex, vendors should reduce the cost of high-end security solutions such as identity and access management (IAM) and unified threat management (UTM) to address the mid-market segment,” says Madhav Panth, Director of Evergreen Infotech, a Gurgaon-based small IT service provider working on Web Designing and integration.

“As SMEs operate on a stringent budget, they always look for cost-effective solutions. This is particularly true in the present market scenario, where small businesses have drastically reduced their IT budget,” says Mr Panth.

Affordability is the key

A number of security vendors have begun to introduce affordable and customized Internet security solutions in the market that cater to the needs of the price-sensitive SME segment.

Websense, an IT security vendor has introduced Websense Express that is highly cost-effective and is designed especially for securing the data of mid-sized firms. “The solution identifies malicious websites, protocols, applications and HTTP traffic and blocks them from entering the network,” says Manish Bansal, Sales Manager of Websense.

Internet security vendor Trend Micro’s Internet Security Pro 2009 also addresses high-end malicious attacks. It offers customizable security warnings and comes with a remote file lock utility that protects sensitive files in the case of a laptop theft. Other vendors like Fortinet and Quick Heal have also begun to address the market with affordable high-end security solutions.

Mr Bansal sees a tremendous market potential for high-end Internet security solutions among Indian SMEs once the prices of these solutions are reduced.

Experts feel that it is important for IT security vendors to introduce more affordable and feature-rich security solutions for small businesses in India. This will enable them to protect their critical data from unauthorized access much more effectively.

Source by David K Parks

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