Why You May Need To Conduct Penetration Testing Now

Due to the increase in the reliance on computers and the Internet, cyber-attacks have become the norm. As time passed by, criminal elements have indeed evolved. A lot of institutions, businesses, along with government agencies have discovered that is it very imperative to carry out various security measures in order to guarantee that their systems will never become vulnerable to any kind of penetration.

In fact, it has already become SOP for most organizations to perform regular vulnerability scans and penetration testing. Answers (0) TAGNAME (TAGCOUNT Specialists) even highly endorse such practice since an attack could result to catastrophic results. Penetration testing will examine vulnerabilities by exploiting them with the aim of accessing the network. By eliminating these determined vulnerabilities, the situation will certainly be remedied.

Be aware that penetration testing is best performed by a third party. Know that ethical hackers are more knowledgeable of probable vulnerabilities than IT professionals who are in charge of running the network of the organization. Although the occupation and skill are the same, they actually differ in their desired outcome.

Why Is It Important To Conduct Penetration Testing?

Organizations conduct penetration testing in order to stop any attempt to breach their security as well as mess with their systems. You must be aware that this process is also known as ethical hacking since those performing it will do what attack perpetrators do. The main difference is their purpose which is to identify vulnerabilities.

Reasons For Conducting A Penetration Test

  • To determine if existing control are properly implemented and are efficient as a measure of guaranteeing IT security handlers as well as senior management
  • To know the weak points in the software, hardware and among the users in order to come up with better controls
  • To set up a staunch defense against probable attacks
  • To guarantee best practices in software development as well as test if the applications in use are presenting opportunities for attack
  • To uncover the presence of new bugs in updated software and introduce new ones

Indeed, there are plenty of good reasons for conducting a penetration test . No wonder, more and more businesses today are considering of getting such service.

Most experts highly emphasized that a penetration test is somewhat similar to hacking. It is a service that is done for various organizations. And most importantly, such undertaking must only be done by an expert who has the great reputation for credibility and integrity.

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