Back Massage Chair While Pregnant

Does not jar the body. Many pregnant women have swollen tender breasts.

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Some massage chair manufacturers recommend that pregnant women not use these chairs because of a concern that stimulating pressure points on the back could cause premature labor.

Back massage chair while pregnant. Your baby is wrapped in many layers of muscle and fluid which keep her well cushioned. It eases back pain. The vibrating massage chairs work wonders to ease back pain.

Lying on your side is standard for pregnancy massage on a massage table but for many pregnant women it s just not comfortable. Avoid massage chairs while you are pregnant. But there s no evidence that supports this claim.

Using a massage chair during pregnancy provides relief from leg and back pain which happens because the growing uterus requires a lot of space and exerts pressure on the body. Is it safe to use a vibrating massager during pregnancy. Are massage chairs safe during pregnancy.

The heating pads electric impulses and pressure points therapy may cause harm to fetus. Is using a massage chair during pregnancy safe. Here are some reasons why using massage chair during pregnancy is a good idea.

It has mild vibrations that do not severely jar your body. How to get rid of back pain during pregnancy 2. You must not use these chairs during pregnancy.

But good massage chairs do not come cheap but the more important question is. A massage chair can help circulate blood in the upper area of your body and thus ease the pain. Massage chairs are not safe during pregnancy.

The benefits of a massage chair during pregnancy are the same as traditional massages by improving blood circulation in your upper body e g. According to studies a massage chair helps circulate blood in the upper body relieving pain and cramps. With a massage chair you get to sit upright which makes it possible to shift around and not have pressure resting on your hips.

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